Shardel’s Internship Success

Shardel hasn't let autism stand in the way of paid employment.

When he started his internship, Shardel’s lack of confidence  and conversational skills were a hinderance to his employment prospects. Extended placements have enabled him to  grow in self belief while exploring different types of work. Now he has  landed a paid job in a cafe role that he loves!

All  internships are unique because all interns face different challenges. Shardel’s first placement was in the gym at Active Medlock. He wasn’t quite suited to the role as he really wanted something that would bring him into contact with more people, including the rest of his internship group. He needed to be with them more to form friendships and increase his self confidence.

His transferred to a different role as a Facilities Attendant  at Active Medlock  and this gave him more opportunities to be with his group and with other people. It was in his third placement though, in the centre’s Bistro Cafe, that he found a job role that really suited him.

Shardel enjoys the bustle of the cafe.

Shardel quickly picked up his new responsibilities and competently set up the cafe each morning before other staff arrived. His confidence in his work and his conversation skills  improved and he really blossomed. It was clear to his job coach Beverley that Shardel had found a role he thoroughly enjoyed.

Shardel has always expressed a desire to work.  He didn’t want to sit at home all day with nothing to do and was keen to find work in a catering environment. All his internship experience has enabled him to do just that.

To everyone’s delight Shardel now has a paid job at a social enterprise cafe at Loxley House in Duckinfield.  Congratulations Shardel! Here is what his new manager has to say.

Shardel has enjoyed his time at Loxley House. He always arrives on time, smart, clean and ready to work. He has taken to his work like a duck to water.
As the weeks have gone on, Shardel has proved he is a hard worker and will ask questions. He is a valid member of the team.

Sharon Walls - Loxley House Cafe.

A stirring success story!

Shardel now has more self assurance and feels more optimism about the future now he is earning his own income.

His mum Amanda has given her assessment of the Internship process.

The internship has been a really positive experience for Shardel. It has given him confidence, independence and something to look forward to.

People in the community need to know what is out there for their children. It is a great experience for them to be able to get out and work in their local community.

Amanda - Shardel's mum.

Our Tameside Internship is a partnership between Pure, Tameside College, Tameside Council, Tameside YES and Active Tameside. Our thanks to them all and of course to Loxley House.

Our Supported Internships offer a programme of extended work placements  to young people with a learning difficulty or disability  in Stockport, Manchester, Salford, Bury and Trafford.  Find out more here.