Stepping Hill Pathology Lab Snaps up Intern Alex!

Staff at Stepping Hill Pathology Lab were so impressed by Alex's interview, they wanted to get their man before he attended one elsewhere the next day. He was offered the job before he left the building!

Alex sorts phials of blood in the Pathology lab

Alex is loving his role as a Medical Laboratory Assistant in the hospital’s Pathology department. See him above sorting blood samples.

His wide range of roles includes collecting samples from different hospital departments, sorting and identifying specimens, printing blood sample forms and results, tidying equipment and inputting patient details into the computer.

It’s a varied role, bringing him into contact with lots of people. That’s no problem at all for confident, engaging Alex. How he has changed from the shy, slightly nervous young man at the start of his Pure Supported Internship. But how did this change come about?

Internships Grow Confidence

Many of the young people on our internships are quiet and shy at the start of the year. However, in the training room, our Employment Officers, job coaches and tutors from our partner colleges, nurture friendship and mutual support within each group of interns. At Stepping Hill our partner college is  Cheadle and Marple College Network.

Alex quickly emerged as a very popular student, a peacemaker and a team player great at getting others to engage in group activities. His growing confidence made him a great fit for his first placement with the ever-supportive hospital portering team.

Alex very quickly learned to navigate around the hospital, building rapport with staff in lots of different departments and wards along the way.  He was a big help to visitors and patients trying to find their way around too!

Resilience in the Pandemic

Like all our supported interns, Alex  had to take a mandatory break from his placements during lockdown. He was very eager to get back though and take up his second placement. This time Pure Senior Employment Officer, Daljet Singh,  secured a role for him with the Pathology Department.

Alex is unfazed by blood or other medical matters and very quickly took to his new responsibilities. Whether sorting blood and tissue samples for long term storage or tidying away lab equipment, he is always keen to learn.

Sadly, as the internship year drew to a close, no vacant posts were available. However the hospital said they would bear him in mind should any arise.

True to their word, within weeks Alex was invited to interview for a part-time role at Pathology.

Great Interview Technique

Daljet accompanied Alex at the interview and was very impressed with how he answered questions.

Alex gave answers to the questions that drew precisely on his Internship experience. For example: what made him think he would be able to do certain tasks? He had done them before! He could give specific examples and also draw on all the positive feedback he had received from hospital colleagues.
After he completed a short numeracy test, Alex was asked to wait around for half an hour. He didn't know why. He was completely stunned when he was suddenly offered the job!

Daljet Singh - Senior Employment Officer, Pure Innovations.

Alex really hadn’t expected to hear anything that day and to his great credit, even had another interview lined up at another department on the following one. Pathology didn’t want lose him though, so made their offer there and then! He was delighted and rang home with the news immediately.

Life Transforming

Regardless of the disruptions of the pandemic, Alex’s Supported Internship year transformed him from shy intern into a confident young man with a paid job as a medical laboratory assistant.

Our very warm congratulations to him and thanks to all at Stepping Hill who have provided sterling support throughout, and to our partners at Cheadle and Marple College Network.

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