Zac’s Supported Internship

As a bright, cheery young man interested in acting, modelling and fitness, Zac was no stranger to the gym. When the chance came to undertake a Supported Internship with Active Tameside Medlock it seemed like everything was falling in to place.

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"It's enabled Zac to grow as a person and helped to unlock his potential."
- Shaun Higgins, Active Tameside Medlock

His first placement was as a Pool Attendant, supporting the lifeguards with their secondary duties such as keeping the poolside area clean and clear of hazards, and housekeeping the locker area & changing rooms.

Initially, Zac struggled with working to a routine and reporting to the lifeguards, becoming stuck when looking for additional duties after a task was completed; things did not seem to be going so well.

Following a placement review and discussion with his colleagues & coordinator, coupled with a determination to keep on working, Zac took the feedback on board; his performance quickly improved, allowing him to work independently whilst still following the rules and regulations that all the staff must adhere to.

Shortly after starting his second work placement at Medlock, this time in the Gymnasium, Zac was given the opportunity to apply for a role at Oxford Park Community Sports Centre. Crucially for Zac, this was a paid position; a real job!

In his own words:


“I was shocked! Shocked, then excited!”

Determined to make things a success, Zac remembered his training at Medlock, focusing on his core skills and the changes he had made to improve his performance. He applied these skills to his working interview at Oxford Park and was successful in his application!

The Management at Oxford Park said:

“Zac has been offered a post here at Oxford Park due to his hardworking, methodical approach to his duties as a Leisure Attendant. The customers immediately responded to Zac’s cheery, open nature and friendly outlook; he’s such an asset to the team and the community spirit here.”

Zac is looking forward to working at Active Tameside:

“I’ll be able to meet new people and make new friends at work. I’ll be earning money; I’m going to save that for clothes and for travel. I want to visit Hollywood!”

Shaun Higgins, the manager at Active Tameside Medlock wanted to discuss the Supported Internships and the young people undertaking them. He said:

“It’s extremely positive seeing the development in each individual; it’s enabled them to grow as a person and helped to unlock their potential.”

We’d like to thank our partners at Tameside Council, Tameside College and Active Tameside for making life-changing opportunities like this a reality.