Our Client Survey Results

We want people to feel very confident about the level of service they can expect from us. That’s why we conducted a customer satisfaction survey asking people who use our service and their parents and carers to rate their experience.

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The results from the respondents speak for themselves.

People who use our services:

100% think the staff are kind and caring.

100% feel safe when they attend Pure.

More than 98% agree that Pure staff ask them what they think/what they want.

More than 96 % have chosen the sessions that they attend.


Parents and Carers of Individuals Who Use Our Service

100% think the staff are kind and caring.

100% think the individual  receives consistent quality of care.

Over 98.8% think the individual is happy and content in service at Pure.

Over 97.5% have a good or very good level of satisfaction that the individual is protected from abuse and harm at Pure.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey.