Our Staff Survey Results.

What do employees think of Pure Innovations? Find out in the results of our summer 2018 survey.

We believe that our employees are our best asset. Whether they provide the frontline care and support for clients,  find work placements for them, manage  projects, work in our cafes, deliver travel training,  source employment opportunities or any other of the many roles essential to our  operation, their views matter.

That’s why we recently carried out our online survey asking staff for their anonymous views on what they think about Pure.

Over 50% of our staff responded to our staff survey this year and you can find the results in the table below. We are delighted with this feedback but also challenged in the areas we can do better for our teams. Our teams are the daily face of Pure and the experience clients have daily with them is of utmost importance to us so we will listen to what our staff are telling us and we will challenge each other on how we can improve.

From all of the results, I am most proud with question 16, the highest scoring feedback, which relates to the positive impact on peoples lives. 97% of staff who responded to the survey believe we are having a positive impact on peoples lives – this is fantastic to see as this is our whole reason for being.

Louise Parrott-Bates - CEO Pure

We would like to thank everyone who responded to our survey. Your opinions really matter.