Austin’s Pure Employment Story

Austin has always dreamed of working with animals, especially dogs, so when the opportunity arose for Pure Employment to arrange a voluntary work placement with Tameside Animal Shelter it was the perfect match.

Austin's Story, Tameside, Animal Shelter, Work Placement, Independence, Disability

"I feel like I've got a purpose, like a proper worker. I love the dogs; I'm happy."

Having struggled with low self esteem, a lack of confidence in his own abilities and capability to look after himself, Austin didn’t know how he would ever find work. He wanted to feel productive, like he was contributing to the lives of people around him and to do a “real job” alongside colleagues and co-workers.

The placement with Tameside Animal Shelter has benefited Austin in so many ways. Previously he had struggled to cope with travel and transport, had poor time management skills, lacked structure in his life and encountered difficulties when meeting new people.

Austin's Story, Tameside, Animal Shelter, Work Placement, Independence, Disability

Now, with something meaningful to look forward to at the end of each journey and a real purpose to encourage and drive him onward, Austin feels much more confident & independent.

His sense of self has had a real boost and he made such an impression on the staff, becoming a valued member of the team, always eager to care for the dogs that gave him the confidence and courage to look after himself.

Austin’s placement wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation of our partners at Alternative Futures Group and, of course, all of the wonderful staff at Tameside Animal Shelter!

We’d like to express our thanks for helping to make Austin’s journey a happy and successful one.