Sanjoy’s Story, continued…

Sanjoy has loved every minute of his work placement at De Vere Hotels in Cheadle.

"What he has achieved in the last twenty weeks has been absolutely fantastic"
- Gordon- Sanjoy's Manager

Working as hospitality staff in the lobby of the hotel and cleaning the rooms upstairs, Sanjoy’s 20 week D of E placement could not have gone better.

We recently hosted The National Autistic society last year, where we were introduced to Pure Innovations.

We then discussed what opportunities there were to assist superstars of the future like Sanjoy. What he has achieved in the last 20 weeks has been absolutely fantastic. He’s come as a really confident and outgoing guy. We’re now looking to take on more people over 3-6 months to give them experience in the hospitality industry.

Following on from his cafe training, this project aims to place people in short work experience placements with a view to getting a permanent job. Sanjoy has enjoyed the training,

I like working with people, I’m good with customers and making up bedrooms. I love working here because it’s good fun, with nice people.

He has clearly had a huge impact on the rest of the De Vere staff, who think his enthusiasm has made De Vere a better place to work.

He has brought great team spirit, he is clearly a happy guy and it’s been a pleasure to work with him.