Sanjoy’s Story

We believe in building on people’s strengths and when Sanjoy came to us he already had a background in catering. His family used to own a restaurant in Stockport and from an early age he loved to be involved.

"There are always lots of things to do at the cafe like making cappuccinos and getting high chairs for busy mums."

He was keen to take this up again with work training at one of our cafes.

Sanjoy has a great aptitude for hospitality and loves to be front-of-house meeting and greeting customers.

‘I like welcoming people and helping them to choose from the menu if they don’t know what they want. I always say ‘Take your time.  No rush.’

‘There are lots of things to do like preparing  sandwiches and emptying the dishwasher. I like the customers. I am nice to them and they are nice to me. I have made friends at the cafe and we always have time to laugh.’

Like everyone on work training at our cafes, Sanjoy is acquiring skills in food hygiene and preparation as well as valuable life skills.

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