Simone’s Stockport Employment Story

Simone earned a paid job at The Produce Hall through our Employment services and the good news didn't stop there!

Simone was referred to our Employment services, because she was lacking in confidence and struggling to find a way into work. She’d had jobs in the past, but she wasn’t happy in any of them and they had poor long-term prospects. This lack routine effected her self-esteem. With all this in mind she was struggling to find the drive to get back into work. Our Employment services was there to help.

Simone’s Employment Officer (Rachael Dalloway) signed her up for a week long course in food hygiene along with other clients on the service. For this Rachael supported her on the course and this included driving her to and from the venue. Knowing Rachael was going to be there to collect her gave Simone all the more motivation to be up and ready on time. This allowed Simone to become used to a good routine which built her confidence. Simone successfully completed the course and achieved a level 2 qualification in food hygiene.

The qualification resulted in a guaranteed interview at The Produce Hall, a trendy new bar/restaurant located in the former Stockport indoor market. This lovely Grade 2 listed building is great place to work. With Simone’s new found confidence she aced her interview! She was offered the job as one of The Produce Hall’s front of house staff!

I'm really proud of Simone; so proud! She's shining in her new role and progressing so well. Her overall life is 100% better with a good routine and a fulfilling job.

Rachael Dalloway - Employment Officer
Simone at work at The Produce Hall, Stockport

Simone started with The Produce Hall right from its opening and what a success she has been. She has settled in so well and is happy and confident in her new role. And the story isn’t over.

The managers are so impressed with her she has now been offered a promotion. Simone is to be a Supervisor! In this role she will be responsible for other members of staff. This includes making sure everyone comes and goes on time and is working well.

I completely doubted my ability before I started. I didn't feel confident within myself, but within a week I was overwhelmed by how quickly I picked stuff up. The job I got was exactly what I was looking for. The team has been more than amazing. It genuinely feels like a mini family!

Simone - Employment Client

What a journey! From struggling to get back into the workforce to rocketing to a promotion. Well done Simone!