Simon’s Story

Simon is a highly–valued member of the kitchen staff at the Ring o’ Bells in Marple. Back in 2011 though, things were not going so well.

"I love my job at the Ring O’ Bells. I like being useful and having things to do."

Simon, who has additional needs, found himself without a job following a change of management at a care home where he had worked for ten years. He and his parents turned to Pure.

We helped Simon identify his strengths and to compile a CV that would best reflect his abilities. He then sent this out to local businesses including the Ring O’ Bells.

‘We were looking for someone to help in our busy kitchen’, said licensee Mark Singleton.

‘We wanted someone who would be available in the daytime – unlike many of the students who apply for this type of post. We also wanted reliability and someone hardworking.

Mark Singleton at Ring O'Bells

Mark Singleton, licensee of the Ring O’ Bells, recommends Pure recruitment

‘Simon’s CV was good so we invited him in for interview – and we’ve not looked back. He is a great worker. In fact he is so conscientious we have to remind him to take a break. No sooner does he finish one task than he is on to the next.

‘The kitchen would grind to a halt if Simon didn’t do his job well. Pure keeps in contact but we have never had any issues. Simon just gets on with it and is a very friendly member of our team.

‘I’d really recommend Pure for recruitment to other employers.’

Simon’s duties vary across his shift.

‘I help peel and prepare the vegetables’, he explained.

‘I wash pots and pans; mop; clean the counters and empty bins. I like breaking up the big cardboard boxes for recycling. Mark jokes that he will need to buy new worktops because I clean them so much.

‘I would be upset if I didn’t have a job. I would be bored if I stayed at home all the time.’