Tom’s Story

Tom was referred to Pure and he was assigned an ‘Employment Officer’ to assist him in starting and launching his online business.

"With huge effort from me and specialist services and amazing family and friends here I am today."

Tom is a very creative young man who has a passion for making handmade rugs.  He decided that he wanted to try and make a career from his hobby and decided to set up his own online bespoke, handmade rugs business.  When Tom initially met with his  ‘Employment officer’ he had the beginnings of a website that a family friend had helped him to create as well as a few sample rugs already made.

Tom and his employment officer worked together and met regularly to brainstorm what the next steps would be.  This included improvements to his website, creating a Facebook page, working out secure payment methods for customers and dealing with customers and deadlines.  Tom’s Employment officer also arranged for him to meet with Portobello Business Centre who specialise in assisting young entrepreneurs launch a business.  Tom and his employment officer attended these sessions together as Tom needs support with taking notes and with communicating his ideas.  These sessions were incredibly helpful as they also advised Tom of the legal requirements when starting your own business.

Toms online business ‘Tom Best Craft’ is now a fully up and running online business and Tom has had several online orders.   Tom has an exhibition of his work  which he hopes will become a regular event where he can showcase his work.  Tom still remains in close contact with Pure to ensure he is keeping track of his orders and deadlines.  Tom hopes that in the future he will be able to employ staff and grow his business.

“When I was a child and diagnosed with my learning disability, the doctors said I would not be able to read, write or live independently.  With huge effort and determination from me and specialist services and amazing family and friends here I am today, working hard and really enjoying running Tom Best Craft”



Pure provides employment support in Kensington and Chelsea contracted by Royal Borough Council.