Stockport Supported Internships

Our Stockport Internship offers a wide range of work placements across the large Stepping Hill Hospital site.

An intern prepares coffee at the Host Cafe

White with no sugar please. Mark is very popular with regulars at the hospital's Host Cafe.

Hospitality services, housekeeping roles, clerical work, catering: these are just a few of the opportunities available to Stockport interns.

There is full support from our job coaches giving young people the self-confidence  to learn new skills. They can  demonstrate their abilities and their potential to employers. See for yourself in our short video.

Don't worry. It's not real!

The Internship includes an hour’s daily tuition with our partners Cheadle and Marple College Network towards an Employment Skills qualification.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust provide the work placements and we provide the support. It’s a great partnership!

If you’d like to see more, here is a longer video about the  Stepping Hill internship .

Find out more about how well the interns fit in with the working life of Stepping Hill.

Of course this is just one of  our many Internship sites. You can  find out about the others here.

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