Pure offers a free recruitment service for businesses and organisations. We help people find jobs with a wide range of firms from small local companies to big multi-nationals; jobs that are right for them and their employer.

There are no catches, no hidden costs. A Government-funded scheme means we can help employers reflect their community with a diverse workforce.

Reflecting your local community is good for business. It enhances your reputation as a responsible, inclusive and community-minded employer. You will be seen as a good company to buy from and to work for.

We take time to get to know your business needs FIRST. We take our commitment to our clients very seriously and will only place candidates who are a right match. We also develop relationships with their colleagues to build confidence so the candidate fits in well.

We support candidates through induction and work hard to ensure their work continues to be a high standard. We keep in touch and make sure things continue to  go well.

We can also provide help for your existing staff members such as specialist training or bespoke assistance, ensuring you enjoy high staff retention.