Volunteering For Pure Led To Paid Job For Dan

Volunteering benefits everyone.

Volunteer Dan prepares the baking session

Dan first started volunteering at our supported activities sessions in February 2019. Five months later he is a member of staff!

Volunteers play an important role in any charity. We value them highly which is why we have a dedicated Volunteers and Community Engagement Co-ordinator, Emily Smith. Here is how the process worked for Dan:

Dan met Emily to discuss his interests and together they identified two of our supported activities for clients where his help would be appreciated. Pure Community Support Workers run the activity sessions and would welcome an extra pair of hands. Dan was introduced to the teams and very quickly took to his new roles.

The role of volunteer at Pure is very open and everybody makes it very easy to get involved. Service users and staff are engaged in the tasks which makes it very straightforward to fit in alongside.
I did sports and baking and very quickly I felt able to run parts of the session - although I felt no pressure to do so. I could also take a more observing role at times and just enjoy the conversation and spend time getting to know everyone.

Pure Clients enjoy our sport sessions

Our popular supported Sport sessions are held at LifeLeisure Avondale in Stockport and are great for fun and wellbeing.  Of course Volunteering is great for wellbeing too – and fulfilment. It is great to feel we are making a difference within our community.

I enjoyed most the sense of being accepted.  I felt quite quickly that I was able to make friendships and connections which gave me a sense of satisfaction after a shift as well as during. Watching how people respond differently over time made me feel it was all worth it and gives me a sense of meaning and contentment.

I was supported by everyone at Pure and this gave the whole place a sense of community. I chose Pure because they had supported me back into work before.

Volunteering is the best way into anything which can feel unfamiliar. I soon found my feet and applied for the CSW role and got it. I never thought I would take that route back to work and it felt very comfortable going back to full time work again.

Pure are friendly, creative, dynamic and true to their ideals


Dan demonstrated his abilities clearly when he was a volunteer and we are delighted that he is now working for us as one of our valued Community Support Workers.

Volunteering benefits everyone!