Creative Crafts: Middleton

Get inspired with our art & creative craft sessions at the Jonathan Burns Centre

Art allows people to express themselves creatively. In a relaxed and informal atmosphere we help to inspire the imagination and enhance the technical ability of the people we assist. At the Jonathan Burn Centre we run creative crafts such as:


We run projects where we allow you to come up with a theme, create your characters and stories. You can then film short films to make your stories come to life adding music and sound effect that tells a story to post online for friend and family to see. Get creative with Pure Animation, exploring animation & media production using professional technology within a supportive group. With an emphasis on team work and confidence building, our sessions get you involved with the whole process from story boarding to photography, and editing to online publishing. If you’re interested in art, technology and social media, this could be perfect for you!


Art, Crafts and Textiles

Get imaginative with our arts, crafts and textile projects. Where we make things such as tie-dye bags with personal designs on, card making, model making, using up-cycling to make something useful and meanwhile help the Earth. Many of your creative designs will then be on sale to the public to showcase and raise awareness of your skills.

Woodwork and Furniture Restoration

Get hands on with our unique Woodwork project; an innovative programme of activities where you can learn to build such things as planters, bird boxes, table decorations, ornaments and even models. Specially modified equipment allows our sessions to be fully inclusive, and with an emphasis on skill, safety & planning you could be crafting the project of your dreams in no time at all!