Creative Crafts: Oldham

There are lots of projects in Oldham where you can get crafty and even showcase your work to sell to the public.

Woodwork and Restoration

We currently boast a range of sustainable enterprise projects that engage everyone in meaningful and rewarding work.   Our Craft workshop is now a busy manufacturing site producing bird boxes, hedgehog dens and bat boxes for the local Council Park Management team.  We are producing a range of garden planters to our customer’s specific requests and it is a challenge keeping up with the demand.   Our clients are engaging with customers and the general public and many occasions, can be found chatting away with the general public telling them what they’ve been doing.

Craft Studies

Various fun activities for clients to take part in involving card making, decorations and textile work. It will be operating throughout the year and works towards many of the significant national celebrations that take place. You can sell these crafts at the café where they have card stalls, make them for your friends and family or treat yourself to them.