Our exciting new Ceramics group offers the great opportunity to create beautiful works that, thanks to our new kiln, will stand the test of time.

Kathryn (above, left, supported by Michelle), is decorating a beautiful ceramic fish she has crafted. It has already been air dried and fired in our kiln. Once a final glaze has been added it will be fired again to colourful brilliance.

Kathryn will demonstrate the lively first part of the process: throwing the clay down!

From rolling and shaping the clay to applying the final glaze, everyone exercises their personal creativity.

The colours of  the decorated objects appear as chalky pastels before they go in the kiln but firing transforms them to vivid, glossy loveliness. There is always a ‘Wow’ effect when it emerges from the kiln.

With support from  staff when required, the artists create  fabulous designs – such as these.

Most importantly, firing strengthens it and stops it from crumbling with time the way that air dried clay does.

The kiln was bought with a generous grant from the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund and it is opening up wonderful new avenues of creativity for our artists.

Our ceramics project is for artists with a learning difficulty or  disability. It runs every weekday at Pure Art Studio in Vernon House, Vernon Park in Stockport.

If you think it may be suitable for you or someone you know, do contact us to find out how to get involved.