Ambition For Achievement – For Pupils With SEND

Ambition for Achievement Students see the Rowlinson knitwear workroom

Our new FREE programme for schools across Greater Manchester supports students in years 7-14 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Pure successfully secured  funding from The Careers and Enterprise Company for Ambition for Achievement. This range of tailored intervention programmes is targeted at:

  • increasing employment ambitions
  • enabling learners to meet different employers
  • developing work-related skills

We offer schools three distinct programmes for schools to choose from according to their needs.

Work Placement Sourcing

Pure Learning and  Skills Caseworker Kate Brindley creates vocational profiles with each learner and secures a relevant work placement through engagement with a range of suitable employers. Every placement, including the number of hours,  is tailored to the individual student. Schools support the learner over the 10 week span of the placement.

Getting Ready for Work

Pure provides classroom-based learning centred on  employability. This enables learners to identify their own skills and qualities and how they can match these to  appropriate jobs. They learn how to tailor their CVs and applications to maximise their chances of success – plus much more!.

This programme is based on 10 half-day sessions which can be in consecutive weeks or we may be able to accommodate more frequent sessions.

Work Place Discovery Days

Our half-day Industry Walks give small groups of learners access to two different employers. On their behind-the scenes tours they learn about many different job roles in their businesses. This raises learners’ aspirations and increases their contact with potential  employers.

These visits are fully supported by our Learning and Skills Caseworker plus a Pure Learning Coach.

We have 60 SEND student places on our Getting Ready For Work programme, 50 on our Work Place Discovery Days and 10 on our Work Placements programme.

Ambition for Achievement will build on the great record Pure Innovations has for providing training, Supported Internships and employment services for people with learning difficulties.

Hannah Marchbank - Education and Training Assistant Manager, Pure

Ambition for Achievement is a pilot programme running from March 2019 to May 2020. It proved instantly popular and all places are now filled.

You can find our news story on some of our workplace visits here.