Meet the Team

Meet our management team:

Louise Parrott-Bates

As a qualified social worker I have spent most of my career in the field of empowering people with a learning disability to lead the best lives they can, facilitating opportunities for personal growth and independence. I have been passionate to ensure people with a disability have a valued role in society harnessing the valued contribution they bring. This is embedded in the ethos of Pure Innovations culture and values.

Pure College will allow young people to be ambitious and grow in confidence to achieve great things, being in synergy with our core values and beliefs. I will bring experience of running a charity that operates multiple contracts and manages financial, contractual and compliance processes and governance structures to ensure the safe ethical legal and accountable work.

Amanda Noon

Amanda Noon

I started my career working in Human Resources, specialising in recruitment and retention of staff within the private sector.  As soon as I heard about the concept of Supported Employment, I knew I could use my knowledge and experience to benefit others and so my Journey with Pure Innovations commenced. Almost immediately, I was immersed in the importance of our work and felt proud to be part of a company that was innovative and aspirational in creating opportunities and driving change.

Fast forward Twenty years and I am now the Lead for Development and Education. My strategic responsibilities include the development of our educational offer for young people aged 16-25 with special educational needs and disabilities.  Again, an area of work I am fully invested, since creating our specialist alternative education provision 5 years ago.

Our existing education offer, which includes Supported Internships, Work Experience Contracts and Personalised Education Programmes, has given us the experience, knowledge and a perfect platform to develop our Pure Specialist College.  Very exciting times ahead.