Amelia’s Travel Training Story

Amelia had just become an independent traveller when lockdown came into force. Find out how she bounced back once she was able to fully utilise her new found skills.

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Amelia earned her status of being an independent traveller on the 20th March 2020. She was really excited to fully use her new found independence and all the opportunities that came with it. Seeing friends, going to the cinema, shopping and more were just a bus ride away. Unfortunately, a few days later the lockdown was enforced and Amelia, along with most of the country, were unable to use public transport.

Training to Travel

Amelia had first started the Travel Training programme so she could take the route from her house to post-16 education. This was a journey that involved three buses. Amelia steadily progressed travelling more and more of the route on her own. A great strength of our Travel Training programme is that we adapt to the individual’s needs, as everyone learns at their own pace.

Amelia then passed the final stage where a Travel Trainer observes her from a distance. This ‘shadowing’ stage ensures the young person is confident and safe when travelling independently, with the trainer only intervening in an emergency.

What Happened Next

Once restrictions were lifted and Amelia was allowed to use public transport again, we wanted to ensure she was still confident travelling on her own. Travel Trainer Christine shadowed Amelia for the first two weeks of the academic year. We’re so pleased to say Amelia took to using public transport again like a duck to water.

Take a look at this video to hear from Amelia herself!

Congratulations to Amelia! It goes to show that good things come to those who wait and we are so glad she can now use her travel skills and be independent.