Amy’s Travel Training Story

Change can be scary, especially when it's a change to how things have been for a very long time.

Prior to starting her Travel Training, Amy had never travelled anywhere on her own; for the past twelve years she’d only ever used private transport provided by the local council. Now in her third year at Marple College, the move towards independent travel was going to be a big step.

Her Mum’s main concerns about Travel Training were that Amy would not have the physical stamina to travel when it wasn’t door to door, that the route from home to college and back would prove too difficult for her to follow, and that communicating with other people would cause Amy issues.

As we’ve seen previously these are very common and reasonable concerns, but they’re precisely the issues that Travel Training works to identify and overcome. Every young person has individual needs and the programme is tailored to meet those needs, taking as long as is required to ensure that they can travel safely and confidently.

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"I was worried about Travel Training at first and I found the journey quite tiring, especially the walk to the bus stop, but I am glad I did it as I feel grown up now and I walk into the college like everybody else.

I've even gone into the canteen at college on my own, at lunch time, which I would never have done before!"

Amy exceeded her expectations, completing the course and being signed off as an independent traveller in eight weeks!

Surprised and overjoyed at Amy’s success, Mum said:

"Since Amy has been travelling independently she's doing more for herself; she doesn't rely on me any more. She's working things out for herself, without asking me, which is just brilliant."

Mum also had something to say to other parents:

"Definitely try Travel Training. It's not just about learning to take a journey, it's about confidence, independence and learning social skills.

The Travel Training team are professionals, and I had complete confidence in the judgements they made regards Amy and her ability to travel safely."

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