Frank’s Route to Travel Training Independence

Frank was apprehensive about Independent Travel Training at first - but quickly reaped the benefits.

Frank at his place of work for Rochdale Council

Travelling around without a family member can seem daunting at first but opens too many doors of opportunity to be ignored.

Frank was referred for Independent Travel Training by Rochdale Borough Council – one of many in Greater Manchester that we work with.

First Journeys

At first his training was from his home to Redwood Education and Enterprise Centre in Middleton seven miles away. This is a significant journey for someone who had not used public transport without a family member present. It was winter and he would be leaving home and returning in the dark.

No problem! The support provided by our  travel trainers at every stage of the journey – home to destination – is the key to building confidence and skills. Traveling alone at any stage of that journey only occurs when the trainer is confident it has been fully mastered. Frank made rapid progress.

Frank at a travel training destination Rochdale Interchange

At first I was worried about parts of the travel training such as strangers, the route and taking wrong turns; also the fear of getting lost.
It was difficult at the start as I didn’t really know the travel trainer but, as time went on, I got more comfortable with him. I now find it easier to get to know new people too.

Close up of Frank who has had travel training.

Travel To Work Placements

A year down the line Frank is on a work placement with Rochdale Borough Council in the very department that referred him for Independent Travel Training!

On his internship Frank has also had work placements with Superdrug and Tudor Court Nursing Home.

His mum Julie is delighted with the impact Independent Travel Training has had on his lfee. She also admits her own initial concerns and how they proved unfounded.

It was nerve wracking. I didn’t think for one minute that he’d be ready to go. We thought that it was going to take months but I was really surprised how quick it was to do it independently. Frank really did take to it like a duck to water and we’ve had no problems since he became independent. Frank now gets up in the morning, gets himself ready and takes himself off.
I’d tell other parents that they have to give it a go. If you want them to be independent, this is the best way to go about it. They get the support they need. They [the trainers] know when they’re ready. I was well pleased with how it went and how quickly Frank became independent.”

Julie - Frank's mum.

We wish Frank all the best in his placement. His experience illustrates how Independent Travel Training transforms lives and enables young people  to  maximise their potential.