Millie’s Travel Training Story: Success After Lockdown

Millie did not let lockdown affect her plans to become an independent traveller this year. As soon as restrictions were eased she was determined to find her independence.

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Millie had begun her Travel Training before lockdown as she was preparing for her transition from Primary School to Secondary School. This would allow her to travel there and back by bus, saving money on taxis and providing her with more freedom.

The Route To Independence

Millie’s route consisted of a 200 metre walk to catch the designated school bus. This isn’t a great distance, but Travel Training is more than just a walk to the bus stop. It also embraces problem solving skills along with strategies to keep trainees as safe as possible. These ensure that if anything unexpected happens, a trainee knows what steps to take to get home safely.

It was agreed with Millie and her family that we would aim to give Millie a greater degree of independence. She was supported in learning the route to a different bus stop for an alternative bus that would take her to school and back. This would give her the flexibility to engage more with the school curriculum with the option to stay behind for clubs and groups.

Unfortunately, all Millie’s training ground to a halt when lockdown restrictions were enforced. All she could do was wait.

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Travel Training After Lockdown

Once national restrictions eased Millie was able to take the bus again. She gave time each week day of her Summer holidays to continue her Travel Training. She would take the journey to school, only to walk to the locked gates, turn around and make the return journey home. Now that’s dedication!

The final stage of Travel Training is shadowing, where the Travel Trainer observes from a distance, only intervening in an emergency. The last two days of shadowing just happened to coincide with Millie’s first two days at High School. On day one the Travel Trainer watched her arrive at the pick-up point and nervously wait for the school bus. On the next Millie took the same route, but instead of standing alone waiting nervously, she was chatting with one of her peers who she’d met the previous day.

Importance of Independence

Millie’s story illustrates the positive impact of Travel Training. Now, instead of going to school alone in a taxi, she joins her peers on the bus.

Travel Training opens up so many opportunities in both work and social life.