Shanley’s Travel Training Story

Shanley had never travelled independently prior to his referral to the Travel Training programme; his goal was to access further education at Bolton College.

Young people with disability learning to travel independently

Although only 2 miles away Shanley’s visual impairment meant the journey would present some challenges not experienced by many of his fellow students including a safe route to the bus stop and recognising landmarks enabling him to press the bell in order to alight the bus.

Shanley’s mum, Sammi had reservations both about the Travel Training programme and also the safety of her son.


Shanley and I were both very apprehensive about Pure Innovations; actually, to be truthful we were both in panic mode and very frightened. This is a massive step for Shanley on his road to independence. I was being asked to put my trust and my child’s life in the hands of a stranger.

Sammi, Shanley’s Mum

One hurdle was the route chosen by the Travel Trainer. Shanley was used to crossing at a different point but always did so accompanied by his parent; to use the same crossing independently would expose Shanley to more risk. One of the strengths of the Travel Training programme is that it works in partnership with parents and carers. members of the team sat down with Mum and talked through the benefits and drawbacks of the two routes.

Shanley did incredibly well during the training programme and made steady progress. He became accustomed to recognising landmarks at which to press the bell; chosen for it’s location and visual impact…..a plane fuselage converted into a cafe!

Shanley was successfully travelling independently after 8 weeks

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