Travel Training with James

Sometimes with Travel Training, you have to put things in perspective to really understand how much of an impact it can make on a young person’s life.

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"This is the key to independence for a young person. I truly believe that this is the start of some really big steps for James."
- Julia, James' Mum

Before starting his Travel Training at age 20, James had nevertravelled anywhere independently. His Mum, Julia, was concerned as he had no sense of direction and limited ability in knowing his right from his left; even crossing a road safely was daunting.

This, in combination with his difficulties in identifying dangerous situations, made independent travel something Julia worried James might never experience, and that it may have ended up defining his life and all of his future prospects.


James was extremely nervous when he began his Travel Training; everything was new and there were so many obstacles to overcome. A crowded bus, full of strangers was something that he felt he couldn’t face. “There was not one thing I wasn’t worried about!” he admits.

With the help of his Travel Trainer, James’ courage and confidence grew and grew.

Julia says:

“Instead of “I can’t do it” which was his favourite phrase, he’s more willing to give things a go. They’ve noticed so much at college how much he’s come on this year, and I think that’s down to his Travel Training.”

Steady progress and clear communication between James, the Travel Trainers and Julia really helped build James’ confidence in himself, his ability to make journeys and his capability to recognise dangerous situations.

On how Travel Training has affected his life, James says:

“I think its made me a better person, yeah! It feels great to be travelling on my own. Fantastic.”

According to Julia, James is barely recognizable from the person he was before he began his Travel Training:

“I can’t get over what James has achieved and I don’t think anyone who knew him would have thought two years ago that he’d be able to travel independently on a bus. His belief in himself has really come forward, all thanks to Travel Training.”


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Finally, Julia really wants to express to other parents and people who care for young people what she feels Travel Training can do:

“This is the key to independence for a young person. I really, truly believe that this is the start of some really big steps for James. It’s going to give him the freedom that he needs and that he deserves.”

If you’d like to learn more about Travel Training, either for yourself, a family member or someone in your care, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.