Working Well Specialist Employment Service for Employers

Can you help in our mission to level the playing field?
Working Well Service has hundreds of people keen and able to work but too rarely given the chance.

Our Working Well Employment Officers can find you great-fit candidates, provide a job coach for training, full health and safety checks and ongoing support. You get a great new employee adding to the diversity of your workforce, making it more representative of our society.

We have a have proud record of finding sustainable employment for people with autism, learning difficulties or mental ill health.

The wide range of companies we have worked with, large and small, includes: Alexandra Windows, The Co-Operative Group, Northern Rail, Morrisons, Whitecroft Lighting and Asda.


“We recently had to pleasure of working with Pure Innovations. Rachael, was at all time approachable and supportive to us and our new colleague. As a local, family run business, we benefitted from Pure’s great communication and knowledge of the needs of all parties. Recruiting with the support of Pure has been a rewarding experience, and we will certainly be looking for future opportunities with them.”

Lauren Tutton, Associate Director, Alexandra Windows

Have a vacancy?

One of our Employment Officers will first have a chat with you about your staffing requirements.

You may need someone full-time in your store. Or perhaps you just have staffing pinch points in your cafe? For example, you may only need an extra pair of hands at lunchtime to clear tables. It can be difficult finding anyone prepared to travel just a couple of hours – we have some clients who only want to work niche hours.

It is likely your existing staff are currently under increased pressure now that some new tasks are compulsory. These could include recording customer contact details and frequent surface sanitising. Here we might suggest job carving – taking off these additional duties and giving them to a new team member. This lets everyone get on with what they do best – and you don’t lose your experienced staff or customers.

We will undertake job analyses, risk assessments and matching the role to suitable candidates and support you to make reasonable adjustments.

We can provide full support during inductions, training and in the job coaching and mentoring. We take a “train to fade” approach and start taking a step back once your new employee is confident in their new role. But, your Employment Officer is always there to offer support and advice behind the scenes for you and your new employee.

Have a chat with us about how we can help

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