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The Stockport Mental Health Network supports people on their move away from statutory services, helping them to be more confident and resilient in everyday life.

Moving away from statutory Mental Health Services is generally a welcome result of improvement. However it can leave people feeling alone, overwhelmed and unsupported.

The Mental Health Network has been designed specifically to overcome these barriers to recovery by providing the right support. Funded by Stockport Council, it is designed specifically for people who have been engaged with, are currently engaged with or are leaving mental health services.

Accessing this free service is through self-referral. Just fill in the short form at the bottom of this page.

How The Mental Health Network  Helps

We aim to increase social participation in activities centred around each individual’s own interests.

To achieve this we will help people to look at and engage with:

  • social group participation
  • physical activities
  • education and training
  • rewarding volunteering opportunities

The Network team can also help people explore peer support. It is very reassuring to share with others who understand first hand what we are going through.

Kristian Wraxall from the Mental Health Network explains what happens when the team receives a self-referral form.

We will get back to anyone who contacts us for a friendly chat to find out about their wants and needs.
They will be assigned an engagement worker who will then meet up with them. We will help them find and participate in social, community-based opportunities including volunteering, training, sport and much more.
This will initially include accompanying them to and at those opportunities. We all like a little support and it can seem hard to walk into a room where we know no-one.
The process is all about bridging that gap between leaving statutory Mental Health Services and resuming everyday life.

Kristian Wraxall - Pure Innovations

The Mental Health Network is wholly funded by Stockport Council. It is run by Pure Innovations in partnership with Beacon Counselling and the Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre (SPARC).

Alan’s video

In this video, Alan talks about the dark times he faced and how SPARC and the MHN are helping him now.

Our thanks to Alan for sharing his journey here.

More Support To Hand

The Mental Health Network is also backed up by access to expert advice and guidance provided in partnership with Stockport Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). We also offer forward referrals to other services as appropriate.

If you think the Mental Health Network can help you, just fill in and submit our short self referral form below. Alternatively you can contact us on : 0161 470 1227 or by email at

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