Health & Wellbeing Videos for People with a Learning Disability

Welcome to our collection of videos on important health and wellbeing matters made specifically for people with a learning disability and/or autism.

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The videos present information on important health and wellbeing matters, in an easily accessible format.

Some will feature Pure clients talking about their own experiences. Others will be made by external health professionals. They’ll cover a wide range of subjects such as the importance of visiting the dentist and reationship matters.

Some subjects such as cervical screening and prostate checks can sometimes be difficult to talk about. The videos allow easy access to these and other subjects for people with a learning difference. They are also a resource for parents, carers and other health professionals to use to open up discussions.

We will be adding new videos to this page as the months progress. Keep an eye on our website news posts or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for notifications as new videos are added.

Please note that all videos are advisory only and anyone with health concerns should always seek medical advice. 

1. Anxieties On Returning To Support Services, Post Covid

This video was made over Zoom as we began to emerge from government restrictions. Our Community Engagement Officer, Emily Smith, discusses with Pure Innovations clients how they felt during and after the national lockdowns. They speak of their anxieties about returning to normal life, what made things easier and how they feel now. Very uplifting!

2. Cervical Screening

Cervical screening, or the smear test, saves an estimated 5,000 lives each year in the UK. It detects whether there are changes in cells in the neck of the womb. Where required, doctors can then offer treatment to prevent the development of cancer.

More info coming soon.