The Kitchen

Our café and bakery based in Stockport, prides itself on teaching our clients new skills and giving back to our local community.

The Kitchen is our café and bakery on Chestergate in Stockport. It is an accessible and dementia-friendly community hub. We specialise in a wide range of delicious bread and cakes. The cafe menu also includes tasty toasties, barms, jacket potatoes and warming soup all at affordable prices. The bread is made and baked on site and packaged for you to purchase and take home.

 The range of bread we produce is as follows:

  • Cheesy bread
  • Tomato & Parmesan
  • Wholemeal
  • Multi seed
  • White
  • White with poppy seeds
  • White with sesame seeds
  • Cheese and onion

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations, create a community you want to be a part of.

The Kitchen is a completely accessible community hub and is a great asset to the centre of Stockport. It will be used to train people with learning disabilities to make a range of top quality bread and cakes. The floors and signage are all dementia-friendly. The bakery will also be donating 20 loaves a week to The Wellspring, a local homeless charity.

The café also has stylish decor including a Stockport skyline with some of the most recognisable landmarks of Stockport including The Viaduct, The Market Hall and The Hatworks.

One of The Kitchen’s unique features is the large glass wall inbetween the bakery and the main café area. This will allow you to get an inside look at the bakers as they produce fresh goods ready for you to eat.

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