Travel Training

Travel Training is a one-to-one individualised programme that equips a young person with the skills and confidence to be able to travel independently and safely.

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Travel training is all about moving young people away from Local Authority transport and teaching them to travel on their own either by bus, train or tram.

Travel training has been shown to give people greater control in their lives, empowering them to make decisions and enabling them to take advantage of opportunities in their communities.

If you have Covid-19 related concerns about travel in Greater Manchester please  take a look at this page on the Transport for Greater Manchester  website. It is full of information and advice on how to stay safe. 

FInd out what Josh thinks about the positive impact of Travel Training on his life.

Personalised Support

Pure Innovations provides an individualised package enabling young people to fully access their local community. Using structured training with their own dedicated travel trainer, each young person has one-to-one support as they complete regular routes to school or college.  Journeys are broken into easily manageable segments. Each one is mastered until independence is built up over the entire route.

The programme includes contingency strategies for unforeseen events such as a bus not turning up. The sensible alternatives are explored and practised with full support from the Travel Trainer.

Unlock Potential

Travelling is one of life’s essential skills. The benefits of travelling independently are far reaching in allowing young people to fulfil their potential. It opens up many more opportunities in education, leisure and employment. Learning this skill alongside a young person’s peers builds confidence and self esteem.

Pure explained the system carefully, so that my son understood perfectly.
The freedom that Nick has gained from Travel Training, and the freedom that my husband and I have gained as a result is immeasurable!

Nick's Mum on her son completing Travel Training

We have trained hundreds of young people to use public transport competently and confidently.  Please contact our Travel Training  Team for more information.

Paul:    07540 013069

Our services are run in partnership with  local authorities.

Should you require any further information take a look at our handy guide.