Parent Ambassadors: Travel Training

Having delivered travel training to hundreds of young people over the years, the one thread that links them all is the worries and concerns of parents and carers.

No matter how much we try to offer reassurance, there will always be an invisible hurdle that we can only empathise to a certain degree. We are, at the end of the day, representing a professional service and not a parent of carer of a young person with additional needs, (although some of us might be).

To try and remove that hurdle whilst also recognising the power of peer to peer support Pure Innovations have recruited a team of parent ambassadors from across their travel training projects.

All the ambassadors have several things in common:
1. They have a child with additional needs who has been trained by Pure.
2. They have been at that point where they have had worries and anxieties at their offspring both being referred to and also starting travel training. They can empathise like no-one else.
3. They have seen a huge difference in their son or daughter since they have become an independent traveller.

Our ambassadors are volunteers. They have kindly agreed to be a point of contact for anyone wanting more information on how the programme works and how we work in the best interests of each young person.

Meet our parent ambassadors: