Wellbeing & Independence Network (WIN)

WIN is made up of three main services which provides practical help to adults who would otherwise find it very difficult to organise the support they need to remain independent and well.

Having a good quality of life, which is fulfilling and enjoyable, is an important part of independent living. This service will support people to take part in a wide variety of social, civic, leisure, learning, work or volunteering opportunities, where they would otherwise find it very difficult to get involved because of physical or emotional ill-health, a physical or sensory disability, or caring responsibilities for instance.

Kristian Wraxall on how the network changes lives.

The service helps people to identify how they would like to become more socially active and involved in their communities and even use their own life skills and experience to help other people. The service plays a part in reducing social isolation and loneliness, which is known to undermine health and wellbeing.

Joan attending seated yoga to become more healthy and enjoy life outside of the house.

Pure Innovations aim to support people to take part in a wide variety of social opportunities, including leisure activities, learning, volunteering and even finding work.

We seek to help reduce social isolation and loneliness by working with people to identify opportunities to become more active and involved in their communities, to recognise their own positive qualities and even see where their experiences could help others.

Mo happy at work with his new found IT skills

Appropriate support will be given to help people to take part from a partnership of experienced, local organisations. These are:

  • Disability Stockport
  • Stockport Homes
  • Signpost for Carers
  • Age UK Stockport
  • Stockport Car Scheme