Connor’s First Year on PEPs

Connor is now a year into his Personalised Education Programme. See what he has accomplished and what he plans to do in his second year.

Both Connor and the Tin-Man found a heart!

The Personalised Education Programme (PEPs) is an alternative education programme for young people with SEND. PEPs student Connor had a heart transplant as a child and his frequent trips to the hospital kept him out of school. He joined the programme to become more confident and work towards his ambition of a job in media. PEPs focuses on developing independence and employability with actions like travel training and work experience. It allows young people like Connor to work towards their goals, at a pace that suits their needs, within a safe enviroment.

Here is what Connor had to say about his first year on PEPs and his hopes for the second:

Connor has accomplished a number of successes on his first year at PEPs. For example, he has started his own blog where he talks about wrestling. He enjoys blogging as it is a great outlet where he can talk about something he is passionate about, whilst improving his English skills.

Another breakthrough for Connor was going on a trip to the cinema with his peers on the programme. He was able to start socialising, in turn gaining confidence that will prove useful in employment and everyday life. It will be a great help when he begins work experience within a retail enviroment next year. Activities like this will see him achieve an Open Awards Entry Level 3 qualification in independence.

One of Connor’s main passions is media. He is due to start an Award in Skills for further learning and employment, units will be included that focus on media. This will include a work experience placement. His caseworker will try to secure this placement in the field of media in the next academic year.

Well done Connor on all your great work. We can not wait to see what you accomplish next on PEPs!