Craig’s Story

When Craig came to Pure he was already very keen to work in catering. Our aim is to help people achieve their goals and with our range of cafes providing work training, we knew we could help.

"I love the cafe best when it is busy. I like meeting new customers and having chats with the regulars. Pure staff are always there to help me with new things."

“I’ve always loved being in the kitchen’, said Craig.

“At home I always help my mum with baking and have my own special recipes. I like making tiffin and mix the recipe up a bit. I add my own  ingredients like different dried fruit. At cakes sales they go so quickly!

“I wanted to work in a cafe so came to Pure. I come on a bus and a train and I love it. I like making the soups and I like talking to the customers. I’ve made lots of new friends.’

Craig is so competent in his culinary skills that he is also a mentor for newcomers to the service.  He is excellent at reassuring anyone who may be feeling nervous or unsure and is a  valued member of the team.

To find out more about our training and accessing our service visit Cafe Pure – Training