Mark’s Story Part 2

Aspiring pilot Mark recently followed on from the success of his work experience at City Airport in Eccles by bagging himself a 12 week placement at Stockport Bus station in Mersey Square.

"He is really responsible and is really enjoying it."
- Hayley- employment officer

Working as an attendant monitor, Mark’s job is to make sure that all the services that run are recorded on the data log, including service numbers and what time they are running at.

His employment advisor Hayley couldn’t be happier with the way the placement is turning out.

Mark did a week long placement last year which he was absolutely incredible on, and we wanted to make sure that he got the opportunity to do a longer placement.

He has been doing this placement every Wednesday for 12 weeks, mainly working with the supervisors because he’s enjoyed it the most, and he’s becoming really responsible and getting a lot out of it.

Mark’s employer, Stuart, who runs Stockport and Hyde bus stations, couldn’t be happier with the job Mark is doing.

When Hayley contacted me explaining her and Pure Innovations role in placing people like Mark into certain roles, it sounded like a damn fine idea.

I’m a passionate believer that we should be opening our doors to everyone as an organisation, particularly people who wouldn’t otherwise get that opportunity.

I’ve definitely seen Mark grow in confidence. We are now at a stage where we can leave Mark unsupervised a lot more than we originally could.

Mark is an example of the continued support that Pure Innovations offers to their clients after they have been placed into work, and their commitment to ensuring that young people across Stockport with a barrier to work are trained and ready to enter the world of work.