PEP: Gemma’s Work Placement

As part of her Pure Personalised Education Programme (PEP) Gemma has been on a work placement at Coffee Bar 2nine2. Find out what she has learned so far and what she is planning to do next.

gemma from personalised education programme at work experience coffee bar 2nin2 middleton

We joined Gemma on the final day of her successful 10-week work placement at Coffee Bar 2nine2 in Middleton. She is on PEP which put her on this placement to gain employment skills. PEP is a bespoke education programme that operates on a one-to-one basis for young people. It enables learners to develop their independence and employability skills. This is achieved through a variety of means such as Travel Training and Work Experience.

Gemma joined PEP as she was much better suited to a one-to-one education provision than she was mainstream school. She successfully completed her placement gaining a range of work and life skills. Brilliant!

She will now be learning to travel independently to and from her next work placement that is also in a cafe. She will be very well equipped for this bringing with her all the skills she has learned so far.

Student making pastry on personalised education programme work experience

Gemma’s Journey

At first Gemma found the idea of work daunting as she lacked belief in her skills. However, her Learning Coach knew she could work well and was soon proved right. Gemma quickly settled in her role growing in confidence in what she could achieve. She was soon baking cakes and scones and cooking meals such as soup and meatballs. Before long she was following recipes and serving customers independently.

One Of The Team

Coffee Bar 2nine2 is a lovely café with many regular customers. Gemma soon got to know them. She knew their names, how they like their brew and even the favourite mug they like to use. Gemma also became popular among the staff. Her manager Michelle taught her lots about baking, cooking and customer service. As a thank you for Gemma’s work at the cafe Michelle made her a cake iced with ‘Good Luck Gemma’. It was delicious. She also received a card from all the staff thanking her and wishing her luck.

Gemma’s Personalised Education

On PEP Gemma also enjoys taking part in the photography group. This is great for her as she is very creative. She is also especially passionate about music. Gemma wants to find work so she can spend money she’s earned on records, gig tickets and driving lessons.

Gemma often writes in the programme’s in-house newsletter PEP Talk! This is what she wrote about her work experience:

My name is Gemma and I have been on my work placement at the 2nine2 café in Middleton. It has been amazing so far, the customers and my manager Michelle have been so nice and welcoming. I have learned how to cook certain things like soup, biscuits, scones, bread and Christmas dinner. In the café we always have the regulars in and there’s this lady called Ethel who gives me a pound tip every time.

PEP Talk: My Work Placement by Gemma
gemma on pure innovations personalised education programme on work placement in middleton

What’s Next For Gemma?

Gemma has now completed her work placement gaining new work skills including timekeeping and professionalism in the workplace. Her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds raising her aspirations to find employment. She will now be progressing onto another cafe placement.

We wish Gemma the best of luck in her next steps towards work and independence!