Callum’s Progression with Pure Innovations

Callum's desire for paid work is fuelling his progression up through Pure Innovations' supported training programmes towards employment.

Tree staking for Callum on his Steps Progression toward Employment course

Callum began by acquiring qualifications, work experience and brilliant testimonials on our Steps course (Steps Towards Employment and Progression). Next he mastered travel on public transport with our Independent Travel Training. Now he is wowing everyone on his first Pure Innovations Supported Internship work placement.

Callum’s story is a great example of how our  Education and Training programmes offer a clear roadmap to guide people toward their goals. The key is the right support at each stage. Here is how it is working for Callum.

Steps: Progression Toward Employment.

Callum joined our Manchester  Steps programme with the goal of achieving a paid job. He needs support to understand instructions and the Steps team provided exactly that both in the training rooms and out on work placements.

Callum and another Steps student at work with a barrow and spade

Callum (R) and fellow Steps student Craig take a breather.

Callum was shy at first. However he  soon got to know his fellow Steps students and became very friendly and confident with them. He worked steadily towards his course qualifications and on his work placements he really excelled.

Tree Planting & Wildlife Habitat

His first placement was with Southway Housing where he worked as an assistant to the rangers and was quickly involved in  a wide range of gardening tasks. These included planting trees and plants and helping to create a nature reserve to be used for educational purposes.

He learned first hand about working in a small team, the environment, wildlife and more. Callum became an invaluable member of the ranger planting sessions. In fact he was so valuable that his availability dictated the tasks to be completed during each session!

Nature reserve teaching area made by Steps student Callum

Callum barrowed in and spread the wood chippings for this teaching area.

Volunteer with the National Trust

Callum’s experience stood him in great stead for another work placement with the National Trust as a Volunteer Ranger.

Again there was a lot of planting and digging, helping to preserve various woodland areas. On several of these sessions he was joined by other people from external companies. This could have been daunting for Callum but he had been well prepared by all his experience of  team working with Southway Housing. He was confident enough to mix and communicate with all the other volunteers.

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help today. Your hard graft was above and beyond the call of duty and very much appreciated. We made fantastic progress and couldn’t have done it without you Callum.

Feedback for Callum from Debbie Wallace - Urban Ranger. National Trust.

Callum’s two years on the Steps course were drawing to an end. In consultation with his supportive family, it was agreed he was ready for progression to a Pure Innovations Supported Internship.

Well, almost ready. First he needed to be able to travel independently on public transport.

Pure Innovations Travel Training

Callum rose to the challenge and completed his Pure Independent Travel Training  over the summer.

Callum can just hop on to public transport now to get to and from his Manchester Internship site.  In September he started his first 10 week work placement.

Callum smiling as he works in the linen room.

Callum is happy in his work.

First Supported Internship Placement

Supported interns generally undertake three 10-week work placements over the span of the academic year. Callum is great at physical work and was offered experience as a linen porter at the beautiful Grade II  listed Princess Street Hotel in Manchester.

His duties include:

  • Receiving linen deliveries
  • Counting linen
  • Assisting a member of the team in distributing linen to all floors
  • Stocking supplies for guest use
  • Performing mattress turns with another member of staff

With the right support in place Callum is again excelling.

Paced Progression

The skills Callum acquired on the Steps course set a great foundation for moving into the internship and hopefully employment.
He has made a wonderful impression with his Manager and all the staff he works with. The feedback has been fantastic.
His work ethic and dedication to learning the new role has been excellent.

Jade King - Pure Innovations Employment Officer

Callum has obviously made a great impression on many people.  With support he has developed his skills, is acquiring a breadth of internship experience and grown into a young man who will be an asset to employers.

The future looks bright. Great work Callum.