Rob’s Animation & Work Skills Story

Rob signed up for Pure’s Animation sessions and discovered a rewarding new interest and talent.

"I like computers. I like films like Chicken Run. Now I can make my own animated films too."
- Rob

Rob signed up for Pure’s Animation sessions  and discovered a rewarding new interest and talent.

He quickly learned  the art of stop-motion animation and enjoys creating his own short films.  He can also watch them at home with his family on the Pure Animation YouTube channel.

Rob’s patience proves an asset in the process which involves taking lots of slightly different static shots to create a moving image. You can see him at work in this short video.

I like doing things on my computer so I said ‘yes’ when someone asked if I wanted to try animation. It is good. I like taking all the photos and seeing the film at the end.
- Rob

Rob attends the animation sessions once a week at our Sanderling base in Cheadle Heath.

Rob is a great animator whose skills seem to develop and grow on a week-by-week basis. Since joining the group in October his confidence seems to have grown. 

Rob works more independently and has gained technical knowledge. He has created a good collection of work and each piece is fun and exciting.

– Abbi, Pure Studio

Rob also enjoys variety. On leaving college, like many young people he was unsure what he wanted to do. To help him decide he  enrolled on a Pure Work Skills course.

Two days a week he is part of a friendly group working towards their Open Awards accredited learning qualification. They have even set up a small enterprise,  Stockport Smile Shop, to acquire experience and knowledge of  different roles in the world of business.

In combination with his animation day, this gives Rob a broad range of fulfilling activities that are extending his skills and experience.  And he has a lot of fun too!

If you think Pure Animation and/or Work Skills could help you or someone you know with a learning difficulty, please contact us for more information.

Stockport Smile Shop, decorations,

Making tree decorations to sell at Manchester Christmas gave practical experience in creating goods, costing, marketing, retail – and teamwork!