Victoria’s Story

Living with downs syndrome, a hearing impairment and a substantial learning difficulty,Victoria has never worked before, or ever had much prospect of gaining work due to the support her disability requires. A chance phone call to a local nursery from Victoria’s employment officer, Geraldine, changed all that for her after she was invited to attend a work trial.

Picture of Victoria stood next to the message board at the Nursery

"Victoria looks forward to going in every morning. It has given her a new lease of life she is growing more independent."
- Pat, Victoria's mum

I first made contact with Kelly back in September as a result of Victoria wanting to work with young children in the Wythenshawe  area. My aim was to find an employer who was empathetic and supportive of Victoria’s needs.

Having been given six weeks job training by Pure to ensure she was ready for the role, Victoria now works part time at Clever Clowns Nursery in Wythenshawe as a nursery assistant.

Working five days a week, her mum Pat has noticed a significant changes in her self esteem:

Victoria is very happy and loves her job at Clever Clowns. She looks forward to going in every morning. It has given her a new lease of life and she is growing more independent.Victoria can get bored quite quickly but she hasn’t been bored once since starting her job and loves going into work everyday.

Every day she watches the clock until its time to go to work and loves buying herself new things because she understands that she has worked for them.

Part of Pure’s service to their clients is they are committed to getting people the RIGHT job with the RIGHT support, which Clever Clowns manager Kelly Makin says is one of the reasons Victoria is thriving at her nursery:

Pure Innovations really are a God-send, I’d never heard of them until Geraldine called me, and when she explained Victoria’s situation, I was only too happy to invite her in for a work trial.

Victoria always has a smile on her face, is very friendly and loves the children. After the first day, I asked Geraldine, “when can she start?”, we are an equal opportunities employer who believes in giving people like Victoria a chance.

The parents are really happy because it is teaching the children the importance of accepting diversity. Victoria is a pleasure to work with.

I look forward to working with Pure again.