About Us

Our Story:

In 1987 Employment Services was a part of Stockport Borough Council, providing employment opportunities and day care for people with a Learning Disability.

We began a journey to modernise traditional day care across Stockport, moving away from larger institutions into smaller, community based settings.

This move came from a strong belief in the philosophy that if we can support people to hold valued roles within communities then people with a disability would feel valued, and be recognised by others to have value.

In 2005 we left the Local Authority and set up the charity Pure Innovations, continuing our vision to support a diverse range of people to live independent, healthy and valued lives in their communities.

Today, we continue with our aim of supporting people to have a fulfilled life, with a sense of purpose and belonging.

This can mean different things to different people and so Pure Innovations strives to provide a wide and varied offer, ranging from employment, volunteering and independent life skills to pursuing a variety of hobbies and interests.

Our values have not changed over the years and have become a part of our DNA. We will be aspirational and believe in people’s ability to achieve amazing things even when they don’t believe it themselves.

Our Social Impact Report