Donate your Pre-loved Tech to Connect and Unite!

Do you have a pre-loved tech device or game you can donate to Connect and Unite? You’ll be helping vulnerable and isolated people connect with friends old and new, and enable them to link with...

Posted 08 Apr 2021

Speech bubble asking readers to dionate tech

Covid Vaccine: Views Of Vulnerable Pure Clients

Pure clients who have had their Covid vaccines have been sharing their personal experiences on video. Others have been expressing their views through animations and Lego bricks! Common themes have evolved including the importance of...

Posted 06 Apr 2021

Resilience in Lockdown Led to Job for Intern Robert.

Three sucessive lockdowns have obviously been very disruptive to work placements for young people on our Supported Internships. Robert is an intern at our site at MediaCityUk. and his resilience has been astonishing. You can now read...

Posted 01 Apr 2021

Robert in hi-vis vest infront of metal kegs of beer

An Employer’s View on Pure Supported Employment.

How do employers find the experience of working with Pure Supported Employment teams and clients? You can read an employer’s view on Pure Supported Employment below. It centres on client Richard, who was supported into...

Posted 25 Mar 2021


“Team Around The Place” in Social Prescribing Video

Team Around The Place is a group of frontline professionals and organisations coming together to support the community, so they are empowered to find solutions that will improve their health and wellbeing. This is often...

Posted 24 Mar 2021

Four Team about the Place personnel at The Kitchen bakery

Working Well Supported Employment – Read All About It!

Pure Innovations delivers the Working Well Supported Employment programme on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and European Social Fund across Oldham, Stockport and Tameside Local Authorities. You...

Posted 17 Mar 2021

Pure Clients Help One Stockport Shape the Future

Pure clients have been working with One Stockport on the borough-wide plan to shape the town’s future. The aim is, of course, to build a better future for everyone. But how? In working with Pure...

Posted 16 Mar 2021

Pure CEO Louise Parrott-Bates – in Six Questions!

It is International Women’s Day so today we publish this profile of our Chief Executive Officer Louise Parrott-Bates. How did you become CEO of Pure Innovations? I started working for Pure in December 1991. It was...

Posted 08 Mar 2021

Pure CEO Louise Parrott-Bates

Enter Arcadia – Our Fab New Gaming and VR Centre!

Game on! Our fabulous new gaming and Virtual Reality(VR) centre is now open. It is an amazing, social space for Pure clients with a passion for video and computer games. What’s inside Arcadia? There are...

Posted 04 Mar 2021