Supported Internships

Supported Internships enable young people with a learning disability or autism to progress into sustainable paid employment.

A Supported Intern discusses his work placement with a Pure Employment Officer

Supported Internships are employment-based courses for young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND). They offer opportunities to develop genuine employability skills and experience. Based in real work places they involve working alongside other working people. This enhances teamwork and social skills.

Supported Internship Benefits

Our Supported Internships prepare you for employment and help you gain independence. For example, you will acquire practical experience in real jobs, supported by a job coach or mentor. This looks great on a CV especially when backed by references. You can also receive Independent Travel Training before the course starts if this is required.  Supported by a dedicated trainer, you will learn to travel to and from work on public transport on your own.

Many interns impress so much on their work placements the placement becomes a paid job!

Here's what our supported internships programme is all about!

Celebrating 10 Years of Supported Internships


Pure Innovations Supported Internships are a partnership between a host employer, e.g. a hospital or council; a college providing tuition and our own specialist employment team.

Each Intern receives a support plan tailored to their needs. Their skills are matched to job roles within the employer’s organisation, e.g. clerical, catering or portering. The timescale mirrors the academic year and the usual format is three 10-week work placements.

Having spent a lot of time in the care of doctors and nurses, I couldn’t think of a more rewarding place to work. My confidence has grown immensely and I’m very positive about my future.

Matt - Intern on a hospital-based Pure Innovations Supported Internship.

We provide dedicated job coaching plus continuous support and monitoring to both interns and employers.

Our Supported Internships are currently running in sites in Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Stockport.

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