Pure Kitchen

Pure Kitchen proudly owns a commercial bakery in the heart of Stockport, Greater Manchester.

The bakery provides individuals with a physical or learning disability the opportunity to learn new skills and build friendships.

The bakery also provides buffets, cakes and bread to several independent cafes and to their very own Pure Coffee cafes. The bakery can also provide external catering – perfect for corporate meetings or events.

In 2022, Pure Kitchen claimed the top prize in the Disability category at the Charity Awards 2022. This award was a fantastic achievement as it recognised how the bakery challenges people’s perceptions of disabilities and the amazing produce and work from the team.

Who is the bakery suitable for?

The bakery is the perfect place for anyone with a disability, autism or mental health concern who would love to make new friends, learn new skills and work in a busy and warm environment.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining our amazing bakery team, or would like more information, please contact Kathryn Brooks at Kathryn.Brooks@pureinnovations.co.uk

How can I order food from Pure Kitchen?

Thank you for your interest in using Pure Kitchen for your event, meeting, or local café. Please contact us at Windmill@pureinnovations.co.uk if you wish to order.