Animated Tour of London with Fred and Firestorm

Posted on the 12th November 2020

This fab animated tour of London made by Pure clients is sure to lift the lockdown blues.

It stars Fred and Firestorm, the cute and colourful mascots created from Plasticene by our Oldham-based animation group. They’ve been out and about in our capital city visiting lots of our historic and modern landmarks.

Gherkin, anyone?

Richly Researched

The mini-masterpiece is packed with interesting facts about each site visited – the product of lots of research by the clients. They built the stunning sets too and of course created the entire animation.

Do take a look – and if you know the Boathouse team, keep an eye open for one or two familiar faces!

 To watch the video click the link  here .

Photo Gallery

Phew! What a lot the two pals packed into one day! And did you spot Pure’s very own Joe and Gayatri moonlighting at Camden Market?

Nathan has this to say about Animation with Pure.

I love animation. We get to make characters and we have fun filming, with Fred's adventures. We are also learning about different countries.

Nathan - Pure Innovations client.

Animated tour: Where next?

Everyone learned so much, both about London and animation, that the journey isn’t stopping here. Fred and Firestone are off on a Grand Tour. Next stop?  Ooh-la-la – it’s Paris.

Thank goodness there’s no lockdown in Plasticene World. Bon Voyage, Fred and Firestone. We look forward to seeing your next adventure, courtesy of all the talented clients on the Boathouse animation team.

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