Tina Makes Great Progress at Prospect House

Posted on the 20th October 2020

Since lockdown, Pure Support client Tina has really come out of her shell and has made some fantastic artwork in the process!

New Skills & Interests

Previously, Tina had difficulties engaging in projects and activities. Now she’s in our bright new centre Prospect House, she is building a great rapport with Community Support Workers Lynda and Alison. She has been learning new skills, such as sewing, flower arranging and generally being creative.

Tina recently asked if she could join Lynda on a trip to Dunelm Mill to pick up art supplies. Lynda agreed, and they had a lovely trip out. Tina then used the materials purchased to make more great artwork. She was involved in her project from start to finish.

pure stockport client disability bee art

Tina is engaging a lot more now and is a lot more verbal too. She has started to have conversations with other clients and asking us if she can join in.

Lynda Rooms - Community Support Worker

Sewing is Tina’s favourite activity. She started with the basics, learning a running stitch, and soon proved to have a knack for it. She now works on tapestries and continues to improve her sewing skills.

Did you see our story on weaving at Prospect House? This features a lovely koala woven by Tina.

Confidence in Bloom

Tina has also been enjoying other Pure Support activities. She has collected greenery from outside our Sanderling centre and used it as a basis for beautiful bouquets. She loves the outdoors and nature, so this was a great way of combining these with her creative skills. We’re sure that she will be a big fan of our sensory garden coming to Prospect House too!

She has also been exploring other art and craft techniques including painting outdoor furniture, printing nature designs, moulding felt, making jewellery and more.

It is so great to see Tina exploring so many new activities. We look forward to seeing her confidence and skills continue to grow.

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